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Exit Planning

Most business owners plan to someday exit their business yet most business owners fail to plan how they will exit their business. Whether it’s selling, transferring to a family member, or a forced sale from a financial hardship or death, having an appropriate exit plan is critical to realizing the full value of your business. We create comprehensive exit strategies that helps clients ensure they have a plan for the expected as well as the unexpected.

Retirement Planning

We educate business owners on what retirement benefits will best serve their business and employees. Some being: 401(k) or 403(b) , profit sharing plans, cash balance plans, Roth IRA’s , SEP IRA’s, pensions, and ESOPs (Employee Stock Option Plans). Just like you, we care about those who you employ, which is why we work to find the best plan that will serve all parties involved.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing new leaders who can succeed existing leadership when they leave, retire or die. Having an exit strategy in place is crucial for a business owner. Working closely with Attorneys and CPAs, we support our clients through the process to formalize their succession objectives and future goals.

Buy and Sell Strategies

Life never goes exactly as planned and when there’s a death or disability of a business owner, a buy-sell agreement is needed. Having a structured agreement in place provides family members the ability to follow the business owner's wishes and avoid undue stress in an already stressful time. We offer our professional advice on buy-sell agreements while working directly with attorneys who can facilitate the process.

Group Benefits

Appropriately structuring group benefits for a business is instrumental in attracting and retaining quality employees. The design of different benefits packages to achieve the best pricing structure is equally important. Each design provides a menu of plans which allows employee cost-sharing through tax deductible contributions. In an ever changing world, we work directly with our clients to analyze and select which benefits are most valuable for their business and employees.

Executive Benefits

Executive benefit plans are designed exclusively for key employees and provide an optimal solution for benefit limitation issues. Whether it’s rewarding key employees, deferred compensation, replacing benefit loss due to IRS limits on qualified plans, or funding for a future acquisition - we develop effective plans to support our client's future goals.