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There are a lot of things to love about the outdoors, but few things bring us more pride than the fact that hunting and fishing is core to our DNA. At Financial Outfitters Group, we understand that and have dedicated our firm to serving the outdoors community. Our vision is to encourage financial freedom in those dedicated to the hunting and fishing industry. y

Though everyone’s financial environment may look different, there are principles that apply to all. Often times the financial services industry under-educates and over-sells, not dissimilar to the hunting and fishing world. This is a disservice to the consumer because, as many of you know, just because you have the gear doesn’t mean you know how to use it! 

The relationships we build with our clients focuses on education first and teaching our clients from a holistic approach. We are always seeking to protect and preserve assets currently at risk, recover money being forfeited unnecessarily to the government and financial institutions, while mitigating taxes, volatility and fees. Furthermore, we are committed to preventing the delivery of ineffective, inefficient, and inherently defective financial products and strategies that are wreaking havoc on many Americans today. Working together, we look forward to co-creating a financial plan that guides you out of the financial wilderness!