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ElkShape Camp

Fiscal Fitness Subject Matter Professional

Fiscal Fitness Subject Matter Professional

As the fiscal fitness subject matter professional, we discuss best financial practices for hunters who want to hunt without being broke.  We go over the pitfalls of being house poor, credit cards, school loans, retirement planning and discipline.  This topic is extremely important and cannot be overlooked.  Money is just a tool, so you have to treat it just like your health and doing things that require daily discipline to achieve your longterm goals.

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What is ElkShape Camp

ElkShape Camp is for anyone wanting to become the best version of themselves.

Regardless of your fitness level, this weekend is designed to improve your nutrition, fitness, elk calling, backpacking, finances and shooting. This is the most thorough camp when it comes to adopting the ElkShape lifestyle. We are partnering with Spokane Valley Archery and Phelps Game Calls to create a Life Changing weekend. We will shorten the elk hunting learning curve.

We will be teaching you how to prepare for elk season by dialing in your nutrition and biometrics. We want to teach you how to train efficiently, prevent injury and improve mobility. We cover how to train in your garage gym, how to program workouts, and how to create more discipline in your life.

In small groups we instruct on how to elk call using a diaphragm reed, bugle tube, scenarios and answering your questions on tactics. We are bringing in world class elk caller Dirk Durham aka The Bugler to instruct elk calling.

We will be doing backpack dump and showing you backcountry gear for elk hunting, how to prepare your own backcountry healthy foods, and answering any of your questions that concern the backcountry.

We are bringing in a hunting Financial Coach to meet with each small group and go over best practices when it comes to living life to the fullest and how to budget for the future.

Kenton Clairmont, founder of Train To Hunt will be putting participants through a private Train To Hunt Course and instructing them on how to elevate their archery practice throughout the offseason. This is not a competition, it's a teaching tool to showcase how to elevate your practice sessions and apply some of the archery coaching received from our archery coach.

Josh Jones of Spokane Valley Archery will be teaching participants how to tune their own bow, coaching proper shot execution with video analysis, instructing on 3rd axis adjustment and answering your technical archery questions.

Participants have the opportunity to add the custom bowstrings & bow tune prior to the event at a special price. Once registered, athletes will receive an email with instructions on how to send their bow rig to Spokane Valley Archery ahead of time to get the strings built on site and tuned, ready to rock for the camp.

Campers are encouraged to send their specific questions ahead of time so we can tailer portions of the camp to exactly what they need. We will speed your learning curve up significantly and cover many specialized topics that are difficult to find concrete answers to.

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